The Dragon Dream

Within your dreams you are met with a vision as clear as day, you view life through eyes not of your own, a mighty cavern with huge stalactites that hang from the ceiling way up above and there, between a gap in the stone, a bright beam of sunlight illuminates the vast colossal cave below. Your acute and sharp senses make out the others within this large cave, all around are pairs of dragons, titanic creatures of incredible wingspan and colour, sat and nestled on load bearing boulders and shelves of stone. Forming a conclave, a circle of dragons, first two black dragons on the highest rock and across from where you stand. Dragons of many colours make up the circle, some paired and some not. Regardless of who is who, one thing remains in common, these dragons are Lords and Ladies of their flights.

Through the gap in the roof of the cave a great shadow descends before this council of ancient drakes, it’s wide wings stretch and its four legs send shockwaves across the hard stone floor. Long in neck and even larger in the head, a great red dragon gazes around the circle, with a slithering tongue he barks his words and all the heads turn to listen.

“It has happened, the humans march upon the Crown, the elves and dwarves surely will follow. We must act now, we must act whilst the Fae are distracted! We move upon the crystals, or we remain here for all eternity!”

Growls, rumbles and sharp vents of steam rise up in murmur, though quickly stifled and silenced by the bellowing and majestic roar of the male black dragon, spreading his wings and coming up to his full regal size.

“Tharos, did my words fall upon empty ears? It was the will of this council to wait upon Authanox…”

The red dragon turns its hulking body toward the voice, shying beneath the Black Dragon upon his high perch “Authanox has wasted our time, lied to us all and has bewitched all of us with madness, the same lunacy that has taken his own mind. He cannot undo what has been done, there is no way…"

The aggressive red dragon is cut off, alone and smaller than most of the others, a yellow female to your far right side snarls and her reply comes with thunderous response “Dare you speak of my love in such ways, coward… it was you that goaded us here, it were you that trapped us upon this plane. The Ioun Stones were of your craft and with it our imprisonment, the crystals will not serve you!”

The room shudders with rustling and the defencive flap of wings, order is regained once more when a single voice speaks to break the conflict, to your direct left you hear her, mighty with her green colours and hues, taking a step forward with her horns shaped as if a crown of nature placed upon her head. You cannot but help feel your head lower to her, submitting to your queen as her clarity rings aloud through the sunlit cavern.

“Sullied are your attempts, Tharos.. This war is over and our fates are sealed, leave it be and resign. We are Dragons of this realm now, no longer wardens of another.”

Tharos barks hot flame around his head in dispute, you unquestioningly rise to your full size as you watch this threatening display intended for your queen, as it dissipates around his head you see the red dragon’s eyes burn hot “You would turn this council against me, Emereth… you would give your heart to the mortals if you could, you may be lost and you may be defeated, but speak not for the rest of us!”

“She speaks for us all” says the yellow female from before, her neck craning over the edge to now meet the gaze of Tharos “You act without thought, you would doom us all with your vengeance for the celestials!”

In that moment Tharos wheels forward like a nightmare of flame and flight, in two simple moves his sheer form overpowers the yellow dragon and her neck lies in his tightly gripped claw. “Authanox was weak to pass upon you his flight, that in his absence the great yellow dragons should now die at your disgrace.” In one frightening move he lurches forward and rips her head off, her limp neck snakes backwards spurting blood and all around the cavern roars of utter disgust fill the air. Wings beat and panic ensues, chaos erupts from the mighty encircled dragons. In the rafters and the high coves where many of the lesser dragons were watching, a sea of yellow bodies, dragons and drakes, fall suddenly dead, hurtle down and smash hard into the stone basin floor of the cavern.

You feel fear, and a great fear at that. You leap forward and guard the green dragon queen before you. Gazing down to see many of the greater dragons once seated at the edges now soaring down in a state of attack against Tharos, you speak for the first time
“Go, Emereth, leave here… for all our sakes! I shall ensure your retreat”
With that she turns to the gloom behind her as you leap into action, bellowing wings of green and emerald claws like diamond, you dive down toward the ensuing battle and directly into the fire and the fray…

The sound of fighting echoes around you, screams of war wash against the mountainside. From here, upon this lofty plateau in the north, looking south you can see a mighty battle around Heaven’s Crown, the crystals soaring above untouched as mortals and orcs fierce out in the battle of their time.
Watching all of this from this mountain plateau a majestic and beautiful woman, white hair down to her waist and her simple but exquisite silk robes green in colour and about her. Upon her head a thorny crown, distinguished by her elven ears framing her pristine youthful looks and the sitting of her crown. Beside her, tearing up currents of air as they both land, on either side, a vast black dragon and across from him an older and more worn yellow drake of equal size. “Our enemy has come, brothers, it is as we feared. Tharos has betrayed us at the most unfortunate of hours. Our fight is no longer for where we stand in this world, but instead how we leave it… I see this now.” Emereth walks up to each of the noble and titanic dragons now nestled beside her, stroking their gigantic serpentine jaws with her apparent elvish touch “The time is now that we lend the mortals what we can, that we see their world protected. I have no doubt the Fae will relinquish the crystals upon each of them… and offer to the mortals that which they would not to us, this is wise of them. But be it not said our greed overcame us… we must relinquish the dragon within and offer our knowledge to the mortals, we must guide them. The fae were right to banish us, and what this means for our kind is now beyond our reach… we started this war and only the mortals have suffered, it is time to set things right and end it”
With this she looks earnestly forward and looks upon the black dragon, the lord of drakes that you saw from a previous dream, he is wounded now, torn and scarred, clearly the trauma of his fight with Tharos shortly before, he dips his head to Emereth and acknowledges her in silence. “Go now, Nalazath, go to the dwarves and become one of their numbers, blend in and offer them choice. Teach them about the crystal they will soon harbour.” The Black dragon bows his head as she moves before the older and more weary yellow dragon to her left, her elven graces beckoning his attentions “Authanox” she softly speaks, gently stroking the hollow knook before his blazing golden eye “do not succumb to this burden, for I too have lost my consort and many of my kin in the betrayel of Tharos, only in the unity of the mortals will our looses be avenged. Gather all of the remaining Ioun Stones, and then my brother, go to the humans. Like Nalazath become one of them, settle for this long winter of war, this break in the conflict, so that one day we can help them stand against the shadow and flame. As for I?” she turns, facing back out to the fights miles away, thunder rising behind them above mountains yonder, she looks directly at you now, her emerald elvish appearing eyes burning forward, tearing into your soul as if she speaks directly toward you “I will go to the forests and await you, chosen ones… I will be ready for the day that you arrive, I will bear your burden and council your pains, when five will rise and four will die, when three will stand before the door. That two will stay to defend them all, so that one may heed the master’s call… I will be there to set forth your fate, now wake up!”

The Dragon Dream

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