The Legend of Heaven's Crown

Sevarin's Journal, 1.
12th of January 352.

Durnvale is a quaint town, geographically it is ideally placed. The guild hall is rather quiet, lead by a Lionel Orellia, and his wife Adeline. Myself, along with a dwarf, human, and an elf are the first active members in the ’Crown’s Guard’ guild. The Orellia’s are… friendly. I’m not quite sure what I expected, I have a feeling they’re rather new to this.

As to the nature of my associates, they handle themselves well enough in combat. Linni the redhead is efficient with her daggers, surprisingly so for someone who has only done light adventuring in the past, perhaps she was simply being modest. The Elf, Aurora is clearly new to Galador. Inquisitive and.. ‘bouncy’. She merits herself as both a magic weaver and an archer. Whereas the Dwarf wields both hammer and axe, and I believe is capable of warding, likely more.

Our first task seemed rather slow of pace and something fit for fresh faced adventurers; looking into wilted crops of the druids. The leading druid, for a lack of a better title, pointed us to “Algore Manor” nearby. He suspected that he poisoned the crops in order to push them off the land. The Elf and I investigated the Manor whilst the other two ventured to ascertain what kind of poison laid waste to the crops of the community. A dark, gloomy and dusty place.

Much to my surprise, I was not the only Aspirant there. Titus had been sent by the Order to investigate reports of dark magic in the manor, which proved to be quite accurate. Upon investigating the tainted ground further, we found ourselves ambushed by hired blades. Rather poor ones at that. We soon dispatched all but two, which revealed- under a zone of truth- that the Lord had hired them to kill us. The most outspoken one was silenced by an arrow, and whilst the Elf pursued the shooter into the forest I took the leader of the gang to the local barracks. Sergeant Harvey seemed competent, assigning men to the cell before taking a pair up to the manor.

Met by the elderly twisted butler, he refused us entry. Upon insisting, he revealed his true nature. That of corruption and taint. Hurled back by a blast of dark magic, we entered as a group after rendering the ‘butler’ incapacitated. A source of dark magic laid in wait behind a door, which proved to have some sort of warding to cover up their dark deeds within. Storming down, we were met by the Lord and a small handful of other hooded figures performing a ritual to summon Terrovar; a Lich banished long ago by the Order. The Lord himself had a dagger to the throat of Titus, evidently seeking to use his blood and body as a conduit for the sacrifice. Luckily, Linni stayed silent of foot, throwing daggers in order to end them before this could happen. However that was when our fortune ended. To put it simply, a Dark Orc was summoned upon their deaths. The corpses of the Cultists rising up as undead. A large and imposing beast, one that could not stand up to the righteous might of holy retribution. Dispatching the shadow flinging risen-cultists, I slew the Orc in a flurry of blows after his own blade failed to touch me. Quite literally, it slipped through me. These dark beasts will never learn that they cannot stand up to steadfast faith. Shielded by that I struck it down, helped by a summoned familiar of the Elf.

I healed Titus, cleansing his cut of some sort of taint. An admirable amount of loot was found, in addition to the Cultists’ ritual book. I sought to burn this immediately as it can only lead to further spreading of darkness, and the sooner that it was removed from this world the better. A fact which the Elf failed to grasp, I cannot tell yet if she was interested in the evil secrets and promises of power it holds within, or naively thought herself capable of using it to the world’s betterment. It would surely have corrupted her, a fate which I thought to save her from. We returned to the guild hall after that. The Dwarf proved as equally ignorant of the book’s potential danger as the Elf. Entrusting it to Lionel because of a signed contract.. I doubt the contract thought to account to vile heretical texts that could lead to the death of thousands. I gave it up, and thought to return with a handful of Aquilla Knights. It is pointless to try and make a stubborn dwarf see reason. Lionel seems somewhat out of his depth. I would not have been surprised if when I returned the entire town would have turned into a center for Necromancy after the corruption spread.

Titus joined the guild, whilst Aurora refused to give up valuables to be split. I agree with her sentiment, in that I too would feel somewhat cheated if Lionel kept all but a hundred gold at no risk to himself, however that was resolved. It mattered little, such a petty argument seems so insignificant compared to the issues at hand. One which was made worse by the Sergeant Harvey informing us that scouts had failed to return from the North, and that people in Galador are going missing. Likely the work of more cultists. They have assumed that the Fortress Monastery has fallen.. a point of view I cannot- and will not- accept. The Monastery has stood since record began, and has stood steadfast against dragon fire and hordes of demons. If it has indeed fallen then the world might as well burn now, for it has lost its only bulwark of defense that had a chance of standing against the threat of evil. If the Order is dead.. there is no chance of resurrecting it. Thousands of years of knowledge, record, tradition, and deeds lost forever. Thousands of heroes lost. My entire purpose in life- if what he says is true- is now gone. If it proves true then I might as well slit my throat now, for I will have nothing. The Order is my life. It is my soul, my spirit, it is every fibre of my being. If it is gone then I am done in this life, and will happily die on my own as soon as possible against the hordes of orcs and join the Order in the afterlife than live isolated from purpose. I was born to join the Order.

Alas, tomorrow we shall see in which direction we shall head. The Dwarf seeks to head South, which would be pointless if the Monastery has fallen. There is a bigger picture that he fails to see. Helping those going missing- that could easily be a job done by the local Paladins and garrison- would only delay the inevitable. I can’t stand the thought of hundreds of Knights dying in the North whilst I am here. I will die at Varden next to the unmatched heroes of the likes will never be seen again. Then again, I would not object to the Duke- incidentally the elder brother of the Sergeant, a fact he wishes to keep quiet- leading his forces to the Monastery’s aid.

I like Linni. She is a practical and driven person. I have not seen a reason to flaw her yet, other than her dishonorable method of dispatching our opponents. I’ll keep an eye on them all, perhaps the frustrations of the day has simply gotten to me and have clouded my thoughts. I will see what tomorrow brings. For now, I shall pray.

"Linni's Journal" #1
First entry

12th of january 352. Monday

There was a lot happening today.
It is very concerning, truly.
I imagine more like this will happen in the future, hopefully it’ll be less exciting.
I was surprised, loot and the like was around! Lots of gold and gems, I hope for a profit.
The Lord’s impressive, large inside was quite the sight to behold! Milk is good to.
The Dusky Cow is also the duskiest tavern I’ve ever been in. Elves, dwarves and halflings!
But the coolest part of the manor was definitely the trapped door.

- L


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