Aurora Ithaniel

Wide eyed, and ready for the world. So she thinks anyway.


As much as she wishes to, Aurora does not look like a seasoned warrior. She carries the outfit and weapons as one, but her naive demeanor, and carefully measured movents, reveals her to be- while gracefull and elegant – unpracticed in the art of war. That is not to say she is untrained with her weapons however, and as all elves she is quick on her feet and suprisingly strong for her lithe frame. She is quick to smile and seems to be taking in the world with a wide eyed joy. Raven black hair braided tightly hangs down over her shoulder, and glittering saphire eyes surveys her suroundings. Her face, unblemished by any imperfections, seem better suited to ballroms that back alleys. Standing 5’8’’ tall, she is about average for an elf.


At a young age, Aurora showed an aptitude for the magic that elves are known for, and through hours and hours of study and practice, she soon mastered the basic spells. Especially the spels that dove through the barries of the planes, seemed to ressonate with her. Though her eyes were often on those of the elves that left the city to guard the forest, or to speak with the trees. She started sneaking down to the lower levels and praticed with sword and bow under the cover of night. The ritual chose her to enter the Noble Caste however, and while Aurora was content with her continued study of magic, she felt locked up in the city. She wanted to explore the world. As it often comes with the young, she one night made decision to leave the treetops behind, borrow a bow and sword, clothing and rations, and step through the gate to Galador to explore the world.

Aurora Ithaniel

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